Micromax AQ4501 Scatter File Download

The issue is supposed to be brought on by the reversal of mobile network from GPRS to HSPA. Just uninstall that application and then check if it still persists. This fix or resolve lost IMEI Number guide is just for help only those that are suffering this issue. If you are additionally facing these very same troubles with your Micromax Canvas then don't worry as the subsequent guide is here in order to resolve all these. This dilemma may be caused by lots of reason. Although it's one of the typical problems on Micromax Canvas but it's not restricted to just Micromax. There are some usual problems on Micromax Canvas which are being faced by a lot of the users. No apps, zero data, zero accounts on it. Switch off the Micromax phone. At this time you have to connect your Micromax AQ4501 with computer and earn a connection. For the whole detailed guide of flashing process follow the hyperlink. So adhere to these steps to work out this matter. Now click the Unroot button. So Ro…

How to fix no SIM card errors on Android

The SIM-less card error usually occurs when your SIM card is not inserted correctly. This is the most common reason for the error, but it is not  the only reason your phone can display this error. No SIM card can cause problems with your device software. There is a chance that the SIM card will be inserted correctly but your device will not read it due to software corruption. It can also indicate the inability of your device to check for a network.
While we can continue to explore other reasons for the problem, let's see how we can solve the problem so that you can use your phone as usual. A phone displaying this error indicates that you do not have full connectivity on your phone. In other words, no phone calls, no mobile data, and no messages. A smartphone may no longer be smart with the error installing the card without a SIM card.

Ways to solve the error of the SIM card in Android
Solution 1: Restart your device
Let's start with the fastest and easiest way to solve the pro…

iPhone stuck in landscape mode

Some iPhone users found that the phone was blocked in landscape mode. This usually happened when they tried to use the camera in landscape mode. Users could not exit landscape mode after using the camera. The best way to fix it is to lock the orientation in portrait mode.

Solution 1: Lock Orientation in Portrait Mode

Swipe up from the bottom of the phone to bring up Control Center on the screen

You'll find a lock in the top right corner of the screen, tap the lock to make sure it's unlocked

Once the phone is in portrait mode, you can take pictures or videos in portrait mode without any problem.

Solution 2: Restart your phone

If your phone 5 is frozen in landscape mode and it does not allow any modification of the phone, restart your iPhone and check if the problem is solved.

IPhone 5 blocked in landscape mode
iPhone 5 stuck in landscape mode

Some iPhone users found that the phone was blocked in landscape mode. This usually happened when they tried to use the camera in landscape mode. U…